Electronic Product Development Consulting Service

Danrida’s electronic design and engineering consulting, you can accelerate time-to-market, and move product development process forward. We can help and support you on new or existing product design review.

  • Product architecture review
  • Schematic and PCB design review and verification
  • Performance analysis
  • Power consumption
  • Technical and mechanical design review
  • Timing strategy
  • Offering a fresh and independent opinion

Electronic Design Skills We Can Share

  • ASIC, FPGA Intel, FPGA Intel SOM
  • PCx86 architecture, PCI express, differential high-speed interfaces
  • Ethernet hardware and software knowledge
  • CAN bus, RS-485 and others low speed differential and single ended serial interfaces
  • ARM architecture and Linux based operating system kernel level and application level programming skills
  • AVR (Tiny, Mega, Xmega) ARM and MIPS microcontroller architecture

Mobile Friendly Embedded Web Applications Programming Service

Embedded Application software is the core of almost any smart IoT device. Embedded software development is a combination of architecture, technology, domain knowledge and process control.

  • Faster time to market
  • {tooltip}Optimised,{end-texte}We use WebSockets instead of HTTP for faster data exchange  between the browser and the server.{end-tooltip} {tooltip}compressed{end-texte}Stripping out everything from your code that doesn’t affect code processing and renaming program elements and variables in the code to short named values. CSS, JS and HTML files can be affected. Second content compression step is to enable server side gzip compression. All files can be affected and reduced in size.{end-tooltip}, secured and mobile-friendly version of your web application.
  • {tooltip}WebSockets{end-texte}WebSockets, brings real-time communication to the web application. WebSockets is supported by all modern browsers and is designed to provide a real time communication channel.{end-tooltip} based communication between server and application. The embedded web server can send real-time alerts, updates, notifications immediately using WebSockets persistent connection.
  • Device management choice via custom IoT/Cloud or embedded web server.
  • User side framework implementation Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js
  • Server side application and cloud programming: PHP, Python, LUA, Node.JS, Java
  • CGI-BIN C/C++, Python server side data processing for high security level products.
  • Server side database management: Mysql, Postgresql, Sqlite.
  • Best quality of standards in all stages of product development


There are essential differences between the embedded systems development and web development but rapid spread of IoT technology means that such items must ship with better user interfaces and must be easier to access. In this case the responsibility of embedded systems forcing product developers to be more and more creative. Here we can help you.